5 signs you’re destined to become a Digital Nomad

It lives within you and grows throughout your teens. You grew up dreaming of exotic locations and fell in love with movies like ‘The Beach’ and ‘Tomb Raider’.

As you got older, you increasingly realized that you didn’t fit in, as your ideals and dreams diverted from those of your friends. Yes young Padawan, the Digital Nomad is strong in you. So let’s dive into your psychology and see if you can related to some of these.


1. You’re bored AF

Ergh, fuck that, I’m not getting out of bed to get on the train and sit at work and come home and cook and sleep and get out of bed and…. Yep, bored. Ain’t nobody got time for dat. But what’s weird is that the people around you don’t seem to mind the routine, in fact they embrace it. Weird right? Nope – it’s you who is weird. We are the minority of the minority. We are hundreds of thousands amongst billions. But understand it and embrace it. You’re bored because you understand a greater purpose in the world and your mind is waiting for your body to get out there and start exploring.


2. You don’t understand the system

It simply doesn’t make sense to you. For what possible fucking purpose would you sit in the same office, at the same desk, with the same boss having the same conversation? You can only be asked what you want for lunch so many times a day without breaking your keyboard on someones head. Ever heard the phrase “you go to work to buy a car to drive to work“? Yep, depressing AF, but this is the Orwellian western system that we grew up and so did your parents. So I don’t need to tell you because you already know, but you don’t have to live in the system designed to control the human race. Fuck the system, buy a backpack, head to the airport and create your own system!


Digital Nomad Destiny


3. You have the itch

People sit at home and text their besties about this missing piece of puzzle they feel everyday. They suspect it’s the lack of relationships, close friends and sex. While that may be true, if you’re reading this article and you are still employed full time at a job you don’t like, then I’m going to make an intelligent guess and tell you that that feeling, that black hole sucking the energy out of you, that is the lust for travel. The lust for a greater purpose that your bubble cannot provide. That itch? Scratch that shit.


4. Your clock is ticking

18 years old… tick tock… 30 years old… tick tock…. 50 years old… tick.. OK you get it. Many of the digital nomads I have met on my travels have one thing in common: a strong presence of time and its preciousness. I call it a quarter-life crisis and it’s a beautiful thing. Rather than waking up at 50 and realizing we wasted our best years, we have a precognitive episode allowing us to pre-empt our midlife crisis. By the time we’re 50, we’ve fought dragons, been to Mordor and are more than ready to return to the Shire.




5. Business is an intuition

Everywhere you go and every awesome new thing you try, you think about a way to turn it into a business and doing a better job at it. You intrinsically and intuitively recognize the pillars of business despite lacking a formal education in it. This trait is not living within all digital nomads, many of whom are coders who don’t know the first thing about marketing, but even they will try and start a new business every week, because it’s fucking fun! Life’s a game, role the dice, you might land of Mayfair.


Do you suffer from any of these harsh realities? Yes? Excellent, Dr Nomad Ready is going to prescribe 50 CCs of ‘get the fuck out there and start living’ to be taken once with every meal. Shoot us a comment below and tell us what your “itch” is.

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