How I accidentally became a Digital Nomad

You know all these digital nomad stories about how they have dreamt of traveling the world for years, then finally made the move, sold everything and started to work and travel simultaneously? Yeah, mine is not like that. Not even remotely.. 😉


About 14 months ago, I was living in Barcelona. I had already made the big move of giving up my house and moving away from my home country The Netherlands some years prior to that. Landed in the city of my dreams, I was working an awesome but hectic job in the tourist industry, organizing stag- and hen parties (yep.. I could write an entire book on those stories alone). After an intense summer, my two managers got interest from a buyer and decided to sell the company, so I was left without a job. Shortly after, I got a call from my former manager, asking if I wanted to move to Bali for a few months to help him set up his new company there. Really though, how could I say no?




With zero traveling skills and no idea what was in store for me, I hopped on a plane to Bali. Being based in Ubud, it wasn’t long until I started learning about the digital nomad world and lifestyle. I was amazed by the fact that there was this whole world out there that I had no idea of. The concept of working and traveling at the same time was completely new to me.


And without realizing it, that was the exact moment my nomadic lifestyle began. After Bali, I was hopping to Singapore, Thailand, Barcelona, Italy and many more destinations to organize coworking retreats for location independent professionals.


While I still needed to be in these places for the retreats, I could work from wherever I wanted the rest of the time. Slowly I began learning about digital nomad destinations and the traveling way of life. It’s safe to say that I kind of grew into the term “wanderlust”. Because even though I had never traveled that far outside of Europe, I fell in love with South-East Asia; the culture, its people, the climate and the way of work. I started working from coworking spaces, attending coworking conferences, traveled some more and before I knew it, I had adopted the digital nomad lifestyle.




Fast forward half a year, to where I am now working from the laid-back surf village Canggu in Bali, setting up Nomad Ready with my buddy Eliot, whom I met in a beach bar on a little island in the south of Thailand, already planning my next couple of trips to awesome locations I want to check out next year.

Did I want to become a digital nomad those 14 months ago? Hell, I was completely oblivious to this type of lifestyle. But I’m happy I took the leap of leaving the comfort of my (second) home and went halfway around the world to explore this opportunity.

So what about you? Did you sort of roll into the digital nomad lifestyle like me? Or is your story totally different? Let us know in the comment section!

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