A tale of intrigue and espionage (not really)


We are Eliot and Avalon, the founders of Nomad Ready and full time Digital Nomads. Naturally, the idea of a website providing useful products to other location independent workers like ourselves came to us while searching for exactly that. It’s taken us almost a year abroad to work out what we really need to carry with us and what nomad gear will truly benefit our travel lifestyle.

Almost on a weekly basis we meet people on the road who have had great ideas of useful travel products to bring along with them, providing a constant source of new product ideas to feature on this website. Our mission is to make Nomads truly ready for their new incredible lifestyle, while helping fund the continuation of my lifestyle along the way.

Every new idea we have for the website is first analysed in price point, weight, true necessity and online availability. If a product meets all our requisites, we then set out to find the best products on Amazon that fit the need, and add it to the website.

We believe there are seven distinct categories of digital nomad supplies, and we have there divided them by seven categories. Comfort and travel are likely the most important of the categories, while our eco-friendly category we hope to really grow so we can do our small part to help our beautiful planet while we travel around it.



Ah, happy you went there! Ultimately we plan to introduce our own line of products specifically designed by the needs of you, travellers searching for great products to improve their lifestyle.

One day we dream of a website with only our products and the ability to ship them any where in the world in under a week, getting our products in the hands of our customers before they move to their next destination. Ambitious yes, but that’s why we call them dreams.